Vote YES! Roosevelt School District Overrides
November 2021 Election
 let's build the classrooms & community our kids need to succeed


There are enough questions in today’s world; the quality of our kids’ education shouldn’t be one of them. I’m proud of bold decisions transforming Roosevelt into a district swiftly earning a reputation for innovation and learning. Although the work of improving our schools has been difficult, to say the least, this next phase requires us to look forward to the potential of what we can build for our entire community. In 2020 we stood together to pass the district bond, authorizing the single largest investment in education or children ever for our community. Less than a year since it passed the ballot, our bond is already hard at work transforming the physical campuses and buildings within the district into modern, state-of-the-art laboratories for learning. This November, we're asking you join us in passing our "overrides," which fund programs and people, something the bond cannot do. If the overrides pass in November, the district will invest in major reductions in class sizes, all-day kindergarten, salary increases to hire the very best classroom teachers and professional development opportunities, including important curriculum that teaches students about critical race theory and ethnic studies, ensuring our students lives--and whatever contributions they make--make this nation great. Voting YES! is the only way of providing children in our neighborhoods the advantages kids born into wealthier zip codes take for granted. Let me be blunt: failing to support our schools is also a vote against our children and community. But that’s not how we operate on the Southside—we were taught better than that.  


Vote YES! and reIMAGINE the brightest future we can build for our kids.

Lawrence Robinson

President, Roosevelt School District Governing Board


Early childhood education is the secret weapon necessary to propel our community forward. Every study shows that if we can teach a child to read and write early in their academic career then they will be more likely to attend college, excel academically while in school, and more importantly develop a lifelong love of learning. Arizona has consistently been at the bottom of the list for student funding nationally. What better way to improve Arizona's future than to equip our youngest students with every opportunity to succeed?


Studies show that lowering class sizes increasing productivity, learning and student behavior. A smaller class size also allows a teacher to focus on each individual child's needs--helping the ones that need to catch up and challenging the ones who are already excelling. 


 Arizona is facing a teacher shortage and our district must compete for the best and brightest educators to inspire our students. The school board has steadily increased salaries to their current, competitive level; this override will allow Roosevelt to launch more dreams and produce even more geniuses to improve our entire community.


As the world changes around us, new safety protocols, training and procedures are necessary to keep our students safe. Whether hiring a new health care coordinator, managing the new realities of COVID or teaching our students about the new world they will inherit, Roosevelt is now responsible to pay for new resources to keep our entire community safe. 

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