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 let's build the classrooms & community our kids need to succeed

There are enough questions in today’s world; the quality of our kids’ education shouldn’t be one of them. I’m proud of bold decisions transforming Roosevelt into a district swiftly earning a reputation for innovation and learning.  Although the work of transforming our schools has been difficult, to say the least, this next phase requires us to look forward to the potential of what we can build for our entire community. It’s an opportunity for South Phoenix to move our classrooms miles ahead in their race toward high achievement, even while we’re still in a moment where we must remain six feet apart. Voting YES! is the only way of providing children in our neighborhoods the advantages and opportunities students born in wealthier zip codes take for granted. Let me be blunt: failing to support our schools is also a vote to allow our children to fail. But that’s not how we operate on the Southside—we were taught better than that.  Vote YES! and reIMAGINE the brightest future we can build for our kids.

Lawrence Robinson

President, Roosevelt School District Governing Board


Build schools with everyone in mind, equipping them with everything kids need to learn, & removing barriers that prevent full participation and limit personal potential. With bond funding, we will ensure that every child, educator or resident that enters a Roosevelt school is welcomed, able to access our facilities & is provided the best opportunities of any school in the state to learn and thrive.



Equip campuses with state-of-the-art technology so that our students are competitive for the jobs of tomorrow; campuses are smart enough to ensure health & safety; and community benefits like kitchens, small business assistance, healthcare & emergency preparedness are available in every neighborhood.


Every school in Roosevelt is home to a unique set of educators—each highly qualified—but soon, each school will offer an additional program of instruction that students may choose to study that delves deeper so students’ dreams can reach farther than they ever imagined.


Throughout the district's 100 years of existence, South Phoenix has experienced much development and growth but always benefitted from a unique connection to the natural environment. As Roosevelt schools continue to welcome new students each year, urgent safety repairs are necessary to replace aging roofs and classrooms. And investments in everything such as smart controls preventing the spread of COVID, energy efficiency improvements and programs that protect recreational spaces will strengthen the roots of our entire community. 

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